brake hose

Brake Hose

Our brake hoses are available in rubber, braided SS, and nylon materials. They can be classified into air brake hose and hydraulic brake hoses by brake forms.

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braided brake hose

Braided Brake Hose

Our braided brake hose of the standard SAE J1401 reduces brake system corrosion, and has excellent responsive braking affection due to its construction.

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Brake hose is important in the security of vehicles

Braking system contains many components, and one of these components is brake hose. It is the most important part to the security of vehicles. We can provide high quality brake hoses to slow down your car and keep the safety. Our main brake hoses are air brake hose, hydraulic brake hose, braided stainless steel brake hose, and rubber brake hose. Customers can also provide unique specifications as we have a strong research and development department to solve the problems.

Air brake hoses are widely used for automobiles air brake systems. The product meets or exceeds the specification of SAE J1402. It has the features of wear-proof, weather resistance and lightweight. The materials can be nylon and rubber.

Hydraulic brake hose finds its applications in the hydraulic brake systems for any auto, motorcycle, heavy duty tracks and ATV to transfer the hydraulic power. It meets the standard of SAE J1401 and it is compatible with brake fluids of DOT3, DOT4 and DOT4+.

Braided brake hose is our featured product. We have a professional brake line to manufacture braided stainless steel brake hoses which other companies cannot reach. Braided brake hose is resistant to heat and ozone, low inner volume expansion. It can bear the high temperature of 125°C.

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