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Stainless steel braided brake hose for any vehicles

We are a professional company specializing in manufacture brake hoses, and our braided brake hose is our feature product. Braided brake hose is made of SS 304. Stainless steel braided brake hose is widely used for any auto, motorcycle, racing cars, beach vehicles, ATV and Scooter. It meets and exceeds the standard of SAE J1401.


It not only looks good but also has good performance of reducing system corrosion, providing the user with an excellent responsive braking system, and eliminating the "spongy" feel often found with original manufacturers' rubber hoses.

Features: clear liner suited for all brake and clutch fluids, excellent braking efficiency, lightweight, easy installation, high tensile strength, and corrosion resistance.


The construction has three layers namely the nylon or Teflon tube, the reinforcement of stainless steel 304 and the nylon cover layer.

Technical specification

Size: the normal size is 2 × 7.5mm and the special size is 2.2mm × 5.3mm, 3.2mm × 6.5mm, 3.7 × 8.0mm, etc. The meter per roll: 500 m.

The braided SS brake hose bended in a circle

Stainless steel braided brake hose

Braided stainless steel brake hose in silver

SS braided brake hose used in motorcycle

SS braided brake hoses with plastic sleeves

Braided stainless steel hoses covered in a clear plastic sleeve

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