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Nylon brake hose in the working pressure of 150 psi

As we know that air brake hose can be divided into rubber brake hose and nylon brake hose according to the materials. In this page we will give your good knowledge of nylon brake hose on its construction, features and specifications.
The nylon brake hose has found its applications of tractor, trailer and other mobile air brake systems as well as instrumentation and air accessory systems. It meets SAE specification and DOT with good performance requirements.

Advantages and benefits


It made of three layers: nylon inner tube, open ply nylon fiber reinforcement and nylon cover layer. And it can be also made without the reinforcement layer, we call this type A. And the products with reinforcement layer are called type B.

Technical specifications:

It can withstand in the temperature of -40° C to 93° C (-40° F to200° F). The max working pressure can be up to 150 psi.

Nominal specification

Hose type Num. Length (ft.) OD (in) ID (in) Wall thick (in) Min. bend radius (in) Min BP (Psi/75 o F) Weight (lbs. /ft.)
A NBH-2A 1000 1/8 0.079 0.023 3/8 1000 34
A NBH-2.5A 250 5/32 0.092 0.032 1/2 1200 57
A NBH-3A 1000 3/16 0.118 0.035 3/4 1200 77
A NBH-4A 1000 1/4 0.170 0.040 1 1200 121
A NBH-5A 500 5/16 0.232 0.040 1-1/4 1000 157
B NBH-6B 500 3/8 0.251 0.062 1-1/2 1400 271
B NBH-8B 500 1/2 0.376 0.062 2 950 389
B NBH-10B 250 5/8 0.441 0.092 2-1/2 900 704
B NBH-12B 250 3/4 0.566 0.092 3 800 857
Nylon air brake hoses in yellow, blue, black and red colors

Nylon brake hoses in coils package

Six nylon brake hoses of different colors without reinforcement

Nylon brake hoses type without reinforcement layer

Black nylon brake hose bended in a circle on white background

Black nylon brake hose

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