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Select brake hoses and kits for your specifications

Our company is a professional manufacturer that specializing in brake hoses, fittings and kits. Customers can have their products customized because we have a strong research and development department. If you cannot find brake hoses that suited for your requirements, please contact us and give us the drawings and your specifications, so that we can produce them. When selecting you can have a look at our technology page on selection fittings.

Our brake hoses are covered with a PVC coating and are available for more colors, such as blue, red, yellow, black, and green. The kits and fittings include Misc. hose fittings, Banjo fittings, Imperial female fittings and others. You can select in the following part.

Four misc. hose fittings

Misc. Hose Fittings

Four types banjo hose fittings

Banjo Fittings

Four types imperial hose fittings

Banjo Fittings

Four different metric female fittings

Metric Female Fittings

Two kinds of imperial male fittings

Imperial Male Fittings

Three different types of metric male fittings

Metric Male Fittings

Two types center fittings

Center Fittings

Two types brackets


Fittings in silver, blue, yellow, red, and purple colors

Custom brake hose fittings of various colors

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