Consider the size, media, pressure on brake hoses choosing

There are many types of brake hoses and fittings in the markets and it is important to choose the right hose. In the following we provide customers the tips of selecting on it. Customers cannot make a choice if you don’t have a determined idea of what kind of hose you really need. Please keep in mind the word” STAMP” when you order hose and fittings.

We measure hose and fittings by ID and OD. ID indicates the inner diameter of hose, and OD is the outer diameter of the hose. This measuring method is widely used by the fluid power industry in the modern society. If you don’t know the hose size, you can check the lay line.

You have to know two temperatures when specifying hose. One is the ambient temperature, it is the temperature that outside the hose where it is used. And the other temperature is the media temperature which means the temperature of the media that transferred by the hose.
Hose cover and reinforcement materials will damage if in the too low or too high ambient temperature and in the result of reducing the service life.
Media temperature has a much greater impact on hose life. Different materials hoses have different features in a media. For example at high temperatures rubber loses its flexibility. Therefore the media temperature must be specified before selecting hoses and fittings.

It is important to know the usage of the hose assembly before choosing a hose. As we all know that different hoses are used for different applications. And moreover sometimes this is very strict. Another factor is bend radius.

We should understand what the hose will convey when making a decision. In other words the hose must be compatible with the medium that will be conveyed.

The system working pressure and any surge pressure s and spikes should be well known when considering hose pressure. The working pressure can be equal to or greater than the hose working pressure but the surge pressure is opposite.
We hope customers can accord the tips to choose the best suitable hose and fittings.

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