Brake hoses of rubber and nylon material and applications

At present, the brake hoses are generally the brake hose assemblies with connectors on the market. They can be divided into hydraulic brake hose, air brake hose and vacuum brake hose according to different forms of automotive brake, and rubber and nylon brake hose according to the materials.

Rubber brake hose has strong tensile capacity and the advantage of easy installation. However after a prolonged use the surface is easy to aging. Nylon brake hose has anti-aging, corrosion resistance advantages but its tensile capacity weakened at low-temperature. Also it is easy to break by the external force.

Brake hose is used in automotive brake system and it is to pass brake media to ensure the braking force can be transmitted to the vehicle brake shoe or the brake caliper generates a braking force thus the car can brake efficiently at any time.

Pay attention when choose and use brake hose:

  1. Choose the brake hose that with CCC mark, the name of the production plant, the production date of the regular factory product.
  2. Choose to match brake hose assemblies depending on the model. Have the appropriate knowledge to discern the signs of the pipe body. "HR" represents the standard amount of expansion of the tubular body letters hydraulic hoses; "HL" represents the low expansion amount of hydraulic hose; "A" indicates that the specified hose for the pneumatic braking system; "V" denotes a hose of the vacuum braking system.
  3. Do not use the brake hose that has problems such as cracking, corrosion, bubble in the surface.

The brake hose is an important part of ensuring the safety of vehicles, so each driver should pay special attention to the usual maintenance and inspection. In peacetime people should note the following:

  1. Regularly check and maintain the cleanliness of the surface of the brake hose to avoid corrosion.
  2. Avoid the pull of external forces.
  3. Check regularly if there is loose and sealing phenomenon in the brake hose connector.
  4. Long-term use of brake hose found with aging, leakage and scratch phenomenon should be promptly replaced.
Four brake hoses of high quality Braided brake hoses in blue, orange, black, red and silver colors
Quality brake hoses Brake hose packed in circles
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