Instructions of changing a brake hose by yourself

Braking system of any vehicle should be constantly in good condition. To prevent cracking and failure of the front rubber brake hoses, they should be lubricated with silicone grease and checked periodically. Any suspected defect should be replaced immediately because the life of the driver and passengers depend on it.


  1. Prepare your car for running. To do this, set the car on a level surface, put the emphasis under the wheels on the opposite side of the posts the wheel.
  2. Lift the front of the car jack on the left or the right. Place the machine on blocks so it does not stand on the same jack. Take a balloon key and remove the wheel.
  3. Treat a special penetrating lubricant replacement threaded fasteners and brake system. This will provide them more easily unscrewed. This work should be performed in advance; the grease could penetrate deep into the joint.
  4. Remove the pliers locking bracket for brake hose in body bracket. Hold the key to turning the lug 17 of the hose; remove the brake line fitting key for 10.
  5. Pull the hose out of the bracket, the brake tube on the cap fitting pumped to avoid leakage of brake fluid. Remove the key to the "10" bolt mounting brackets, which fixes the hose, and remove it.
  6. Take the key to 14, remove the bolt brake hose and remove the hose. Install a new hose in reverse order. This should replace the copper sealing washers. After installing a new brake hose, run pumping the brake system.
  7. Top up to pump the brake fluid in the brake reservoir up to the MAX level. Remove from the union cap. Put on a transparent hose; place it in the container with brake fluid. This will not "upload" in the air brake system when pumping the brakes; in addition, will be visible to the exhaust air out of it.
  8. Invite assistant. He presses the brake pedal and holds it pressed. Press three times to stop the brake pedal. Hold it in that position while the key for 8 or 10 loosen the bleeder valve. Accumulated air will come out in a container of liquid. Screw the socket and repeat again until all air is released from the system. Watch and top up the brake fluid in the reservoir. Upon completion, tighten the bleeder valve, pick up, put on the cap and set the wheel in place.
  9. Use for flushing and refilling only that brand of brake fluid, which is currently in the system of the car.

Change the brake hose clip
Brake hose clip replacement

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